We love libraries!

We love the way they look, what they do, what they mean to their communities we even love how they smell!

We want to unveil the wonders of big and small libraries of the world, and we want you to help us!

Library planet is a traveling blog for the library tourist. The blog is crowdsourced and everybody can contribute. We want to hear about your experience in the beautiful libraries of the world.

 What to write?

We definitely want to know what kind of library it is? Public? Academic? National? Special? And also where it is! It’s not important if it’s a huge architectural landmark city library or a one-room library by the end of the world – every library matters.

What else? We are also interested in hearing about your first impression of the place, maybe a brief history of the library or the building? Do they have any special collections or cool services?

Did you talk to staff or users? Were they happy? Was there a great cafe or a spectacular view? How about the city and area besides the library? Any great gin bars or yarn shops in the neighbourhood that one wants to visit? We want to know what you think! And we want you to share it with the rest of us at Library Planet

If you like we would be glad to mention your own workplace, title or background and link to your Twitter or LinkedIn profile etc.

 To contribute

Please send an e-mail with text and images to:

We will only use the photos on Library Planet platforms; please only send pictures that you have taken yourself or have the permission to use.

If you want the photos attributed to someone other than the author of the text, please let us know.

We will edit it to fit the format and let you know when we post it at Library Planet.

When you share stories from Library Planet, feel free to use the hashtag #libraryplanet

Library Planet greetings

Stuart and the Library Planet team

32066940108_068dc3c249_oGothenburg University Library, Sweden

27661476249_e2d4426529_oSâo Lázaro Public Library, Lisbon, Portugal

43675004640_aab5a51370_oJyllinge Library, Denmark