Cala Murada Public Library – a Spanish window to German literature

Written by Library Planet editor Christian Lauersen, director of Libraries and Citizen Services in Roskilde Municipality, Denmark. For how to contribute to Library Planet look here:

In the warm hills of Cala Murada on the south east of Mallorca, Spain, you find Cala Murada Public Library. The Library is a one room library located just on the edge of the city in the same building as the post office. The library room is neat and easy to navigate and also serves as a comforting cooler box for the heat outside – libraries are both good for body and mind you know. A single table with four chairs is the study space of the library.

On the right track!

The building that houses Cala Murada Public Library

Browsing through the shelves one quickly notice one thing; The huge amount of German literature. Actually the library seems to hold more books in German than in Spanish. I was a bit puzzled by this at first but then remembered that there is a huge German population living in the area either parts of the year or permanently. A simple case on how a library fits its local community.

43254720165_304d74e77d_oA one room library

44160038251_ba3227e9c6_oViva espana!

The lending system is very simple and analog; Your name and the title of the book you have borrowed will be noted in the librarians big book.

29222573507_8ee6fdbb85_oVery simple library system

No library workers on duty on this fine day – maybe they went to the beach

Like anybody else I like architectural landmark libraries but these small humble libraries that serves a community makes me at least as happy to visit and reminds me that every library, big and small, makes a difference.

What else to do in the area? Well, it’s Mallorca so I’ll suggest an early bike ride on the hilly and beautiful landscape and then a trip to the beach with some cool sangria.

Library Planet greetings



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