Azaiki Public Library

Written by DR. Nkem Osuigwe, Chair, Public & Community Libraries Section, AfLIA

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The Library is located in Bayelsa State Nigeria.

The Azaiki Foundation & Public Library is a Registered non-profit Educational Foundation, primarily to provide educational and research assistance to students, academia, educational institutions and the general public.

The library has reading rooms, event halls,  e-library section with over thirty million e-books and the richly stocked museum of African Arts as well as the Niger Delta Oil Museum.

The library also does workshops, seminars and demos.

At the library Coffee Bar, a light and inviting place, you can satisfy your thirst or take a break from studying during your library visit.

The Azaiki Public Library aims to be a One-Stop Shop for relevant information.


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  1. Camille REYMONDON says:

    Wonderful idea !


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