Middelfart Library – Culture Island

Written by Library Planet editor Marie Eiriksson, library consultant at Gladsaxe Public Libraries, Denmark.

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This library is special to me. Middelfart is the town i grew up in, but in the 80’s when I would ride my bike to and from the library, it was situated in an old town house. The new library was built in 2005 while I was in library school, so naturally I felt like this beautiful new building was somehow mine and I followed the process closely.

The library was designed by danish architects Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen with interior design by Rosan Bosch Studio. The library sits on an artificial island connected to the City by small bridges.

This means the library has a fantastic view of both the old and the new bridge to the mainland and the marina through the massive panorama windows. (Obviously better in daylight, but december in Denmark doesn’t offer a whole lot of daylight).

The building houses both a Cinema, the local tourist information, a cafe a restaurant and the library.

The library is spacious and cosy and has lots og little reading spaces in between the books and the studying areas.

The childrens area on the groundfloor, offers lots of little corners and places to play and read and is colorful and inviting. There are lego tables and lots of childrens books and inteactive spaces with activities.

You can also visit the workshop of beloved swedish childrens book characters Peddersen and his cat Findus (Festus and Mercury).

The whole building has kind of a maritime feeling to it. References to ships and ocean life are found everywhere.

The Citys coat of arms has the harbour porpoise (a small dolphin native to the area) in it and this is also visible several places in the building

Upstairs there is even a bookcase with build in aquariums and colorful library fish.

In the summertime you can sit outside taking in the view of the ocean and the beautiful old bridges while enjoying a cup of coffee or a meal on the deck.


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