La Bibliothèque universitaire de Belle Beille – Library, art Gallery and Feminism Archive!

Written by Nathalie Clot

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La Bibliothèque universitaire de Belle Beille is a academic library, in Angers, a french town of 150 000 inhabitants in the Loire Valley.

Build in 1993 on a green out-of-the-town campus, it offers 1000 places, and only 300 of them a “silent” ones. It’s one of the first French libraries which use a “usage zoning perspective” based on noise level, without little rooms for group work.

the library has Sciences, Social Sciences, History and Litterature collections : during the year the library team organize several “mise en scène”, original collection staging in the entrance atrium.

The library also welcome the “Centre des archives du Féminisme” “Feminism Archives Center” : these special collections contains more than 80 original archives of feminist groups or people from the end of the XIXth century to today, and is a good place for researchers in french gender studies.

The library host the Galerie 5, a 70 meters long Art gallery and host 3 contemporary art exhibitions and work with artists in residence in Angers university.


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