Frederikshavn Library, Denmark – home to the one of the world’s largest ex libris collections

Written by Ciara Ní Riain

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Frederikshavn library is a great community space with a broad range of activities. There is a wide selection of books, music, films, games, newspapers and magazines. There’s free WiFi and computers. There’s a choice of reading, study and meeting areas. Opening hours are long – self-service access (via your library user code) starts at 6 am every day. Basically the library aims to make your life nicer and easier – literally, in that you can even borrow special equipment like sock aids and carton openers if you want to try them out.

Frederikshavn Library plays an active role in the local community in the harbour town of Frederikshavn in Northern Jutland, Denmark. It puts on special events including art workshops, children’s activities and author talks. There is a citizen’s information service. It hosts conversational groups for non-Danes who want to practice their Danish together with the librarians and local residents. Decoration and exhibitions around the library often reflect the town, for example with nautical themes.

The library is located in the town centre in the same building as the council offices and Frederikshavn City Hall. It’s immediate neighbour is Frederikshavn Art Museum; you don’t even have to outside to go from one to the other. This is a perfect pairing for literary tourists because Frederikshavn Art Museum is also home to the one of the world’s largest ex libris collections with 450,000 bookplates dating from 1700 to today. The museum is digitalising them on an ongoing basis – thousands of them are already available online and more are added all the time. Well worth a visit.

Photo courtesy of @aggiehh.


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