Bibliotheque de Moorea, French Polynesia – a little library can make a big difference

Written by Françoise Quaire

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Places like Moorea is the stuff of dreams ! On this little island near Tahiti, in French Polynesia, you can find an associative libray created in 2006 by a teacher’s wife and the library is open to everybody.

Even from the outside, I get a welcome smile from a young librarian : Ioarana ! Very sweet tahitian welcome in fact.

With about 14.400 books, the library serves both students, mainly children and young adults (60% of patrons)

And from the library and with a bibliobus going round the island it also serves the general public (40%) for an annual fee of 2000 xpf (about 17 € or 19 $).

You can find books written in french, english and polynesian (tahitian or marquisian).

So, if you get there, have a look or donate some books. Monique, Maeva and Vaihinia, the 3 librarians will be happy !

If you want to see close up the difference a library can make. Treat yourself the a visit to the librarys facebook page. The page is overflowing with pictures of smiling children and smiling librarians:

Photos: Françoise Quaire with permission from Monique, Maeva and Vaihinia


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