Hilo Public Library, Hawaii – a beautiful and historical place

Written by Library Planet editor Marie Eiriksson, library consultant at Gladsaxe Public Libraries, Denmark.

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This weekend I was in Hilo and of course had to visit the library. Hilo Public Library is the biggest library on the big Island of Hawaii. It opened on Jan. 20, 1951.

We got there on saturday afternoon just before closing time and I brought little library testers with me.

The library is a very friendly place with lots of welcoming staff and lots of books, movies, music and more.

There is a rather large asian languages selection and a great teen/YA selection. We didn’t find the childrens library.

Unfortunately, we got there just before closing time, so the awesome looking booksale was allready closed.

In the center og the library is a beautiful green yard that provides light and a great view to all the surrounding rooms. On the edge of the yard was benches and chairs where you would be able to enjoy the sun but under the roof and out of the rain. Hilo weather is very tempramental! I could imagine spending hours there with a book.

As a tourist you can get a 3 month membership for 10 dollars.

The library had an great program for activities. There was origami workshops, learn Hawaiian, pet day and many other great programs.

We had a great visit and will do as the poster told us. Keep Calm and read on!

The Naha, one of two historic stones located in front of the library, is believed to be what King Kamehameha lifted to affirm the prophecy that he would unite the Hawaiian Islands.

Hilo Public Library

When in the area you can also visit the Tsunami museum just around the corner



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