Library of Career and professional growth – St. Petersburg, Russia – the most European Russian library

Written by Nadehda Pershina – Specialist in marketing and development, Central Library System of the Moscow region

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“Russian tradition”

When it comes to the traditional Russian library most people of the world must imagine a classical archaic space with old wooden shelves filled with books of the classics – Pushkin,Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, strict librarians and ringing silence.

However you’ be surprised to know how wrong you are.

This brand new library was opened in 2017 in Petersburg a cultural capital of Russia.

And it may definitely compete its most modern counterparts in Europe and US.

It is called – the Library of Career and professional growth. (BIRO)

What’s so special?

As the name suggests the library specializes in providing career guidance and supporting professional growth of readers. Among the library’s tasks are: work on the motivation of parents and young people, providing knowledge about current and future professions and indicating the possible development directions. The library helps its readers to navigate in the field of literature concerning the future professions.

The book fund is represented mainly by specialized literature corresponding to the specificity of the library (professional growth and career) and totals about 9000 pcs. It is represented by:

– books to change yourself, which are about: business, career, future professions, non-fiction, fiction, parenting

– books to change the world, which are about: urbanism, design, contemporary art, politics, history, journalism, civil activism, robotics

– books to know the directions of growth and learn to see the changes, which are about: the Arctic, Japan, China, Russian regions

Fun with us

The communication of the library with readers is not limited to recommending the best books ,

providing modern equipment and a space for communication as a whole.

Besides that the library hosts more than 50 educational and entertainment events on various topics each month. Among the topics are: business, phycology, linguistics, health care, history and much more. The library attracts experts, who help readers to navigate in the professions of the present and the future. Professional engineers, artists, programmers and even top managers may be the invited experts.

The subjects of the events are formulated both by the library and by the readers themselves.

Design rules.

The design project of BIRO was developed taking into account modern architectural and planning decisions, the principle of zoning is used. An open space, full of light combines both traditional books and electronic devices. The reader feels free and comfortable to choose any. The library is equipped with modern technology and mobile furniture. Windows –are a very significant part of the space. All of them are equipped with benches and pillows you may sit on.

The library has different zones:

* a room for children and parents with a choice of books aged 0+ and literature on pedagogy and education;

*a teenage hall, designed for work in social media.

* Hall of the best-sellers of world literature for adults.

*А “loud hall” is a multifunctional room for holding public events. It also works as a hall of industry literature.

*Another separate room is a “quiet room”. It is used for master classes. The fantasy fiction books and books about vampires – the most popular literature among teenagers – are also presented here.

Private reading, business training, resting on soft window sills, business meetings, coworking, holding negotiations, playing intellectual or children’s games – and many other options for flexible use of library space, consisting of different zones.

Friendly space

You may enter the library 7 days a week from the early 10 am to the late 22 pm.

Readers have access to the entire book collection, anyone can pick up any book without the help of employees. And even if you have delayed the book, you will not be fined.

all this creates a friendly atmosphere.

Bright future

Friendly communication with readers, the development of relationships with the local community, the search for new methods and forms to present the book fund and increase the readers interest – all will allow the library to be extremely popular in the future.


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