Tårnby Public Library, Denmark – a playful and pleasant place

Written by Library Planet editor Marie Eiriksson, library consultant at Gladsaxe Public Libraries, Denmark.

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Going to a workshop a couple of weeks ago, I got to visit Tårnby public library. I have seen pictures from this library before and was excited to go. Tårnby is a light and pleasant library.

When entering your eye will quickly go to the beautiful courtyard and the daylight pouring in to the library from the skylights.

The spaces between the pillars gives a view of both floors of the library and you get a good sense of the layout right away.

My second thought was that all the corners of the library had a very homely feeling.

Even at nine in the morning there were people in the cafe, in the courtyard, in the studyzone and in all the corners of the building.

The beautiful interior of the library seems very kid and family friendly.

from the little shopping carts with baby seats to the fossball table and dress up corner.

Kids and families will feel welcome.

With the library being close to Copenhagen airport in Kastrup, the play area of course has a plane!

The library also has many different zones for people who wants to study, read the paper or a good book.

There is a quiet work og learning zone and between the bookcases there a many little nooks where you can dissapear into a good novel.

The library is a 20 minute ride on busline 5c from Copenhagen Central station and worth a visit for the library loving traveller!

The building is from 1982 and by architect Gehrdt Bornebusch.



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