Dragør Public Library, Denmark – community calmness and a blooming library backyard

Written by Library Planet editor Christian Lauersen, director of Libraries and Citizen Services in Roskilde Municipality, Denmark. For how to contribute to Library Planet look here: https://libraryplanetnet.wordpress.com/contribute/

The library tourist strikes again

Far out on the Island of Amager between Copenhagen and the south of Sweden you find the city of Dragør. Think little yellow houses, cobbled streets, and elderly citizens talking with each other on benches. Blue sky, green fields, a small harbor were you can buy fresh fish straight from the boat. This little paradise on earth got a library too and the library very well reflects the community it serves; Small, calm, yellow, friendly.


The library entrance is Dragør classic; A white door in a yellow 1 floor house. Green signage and trees and blossoming hollyhock welcomes you from the outside. The inside of the library is like a small labyrinth of charming wooden stairs and plateaus. On you left you find the newspaper reading room and crime section and on your left you move on into the library with fiction and the front desk placed visible and central in the middle of the room. Every little corner (and there is a lot of corners in this library) is used with care; Mainly for comfortable armchairs for reading but also book displays and such.

The front desk

Lots of small reading hubs

Lots of small stairs

Next to fiction you find the children’s library with lots of children books organized logical from a kids perspective (it’s important y’all and I see many children’s libraries organized in grown-up library logic). The children’s library got a neat fake fireplace for reading sessions, dresses for plays and different kind of toys.

Moving on up to the 1st floor you find the non-fiction department located in one room that works really well. The ceiling is covered with wooden slats that gives the room a great atmosphere and acoustic. All the shelves in the middle of the room is low to create a nice overview of the section. The lightning works well and the collection is easy to navigate. Around the room small reading corners is established. To top it all the room got a small French balcony with a nice view to the outside of Dragør and the rustic fence that guards the balcony got hearts in it.

The non-fiction section

Huge community heart

Just as you think you have seen it all you open the door to a library backyard on the other side of the library reveals itself. I often find outdoor areas to be a under prioritized issue of interest in discussions on the library as a place and Dragør Public Library demonstrates how powerful and valuable an outdoor area can be to the community. A calm, wonderful, blooming little oasis to relax, read, talk or just to do utterly nothing but to be a part of the community.

The library backyard as seen from the 1st floor

I recommend Dragør in general and I highly recommend the little fine, inspiring and fine library gem that is Dragør Public Library. So what else to see and do when around Dragør? Well, I’ll recommend a visit to the other branch library in Dragør Municipality, Hollænderhallen Library, which I have written about in another Library Planet Post. Dragør city is small, cozy and just perfect for a walk, some fish meals at one of the restaurants and of course a visit to the main library of Dragør which are just as lovely as the rest of the area. The whole community is close to the sea so go there for a view, some fresh air, some air plane spotting, a walk and an ice cream.




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  1. mslibraryreturner says:

    I agree with your post Christian. My family and I had a great welcome when we visited the library last week. I was particularly impressed with (envious of) the library backyard. I could picture myself passing the time quite happily there, reading the newspaper or the odd crime novel or two. Don’t forget the marina has decent views of that famous bridge too!


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