Whistler Public Library, British Columbia, Canada – a readers paradise!

Written by Cristopher Hunt, Teacher-Librarian from Chilliwack, BC.

On Twitter and Instagram under the handle @ExLibrisMrHunt.

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In the true spirit of Libraries being inclusive and welcoming to all, a rainbow crosswalk leads the way up to the main entrance courtyard of Whistler Public Library.

When my wife had a conference to attend in Whistler, I came along to explore. I stopped in at the public library.
The library is fairly modest inside due to this being a small tourist town.
But, the exterior and especially it’s grounds are spectacular.
The back doors lead out to a broad deck with huge lounge chairs. Then down a winding path, along garden beds, to a lawn, and you end up in a forest next to a beautiful creek and pond.
Around the pond are ultra comfortable curvey lounge chairs. Sitting there in the shade with a book, listening to the babbling brook, is a reader’s paradise.


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