Nyborg Public Library, Denmark – a Danish midcentury modern design pearl

Written by Library Planet editor Marie Eiriksson, library consultant, Denmark.

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I recently had the good luck, to be able to attend a meeting at Nyborg Public Library.

Having never been but knowing a little about the history of the place, I was excited to go! And the Library did not dissapoint!

The Library recently celebrated its 80th anniversary. The two young architects Erik Møller and Flemming Lassen had won a national design competetion by creating a vision of a functional yet beautiful pearl of a library both complimenting and contrasting the historical Nyborg Castle which was just oppositethe building site.

The building was finished in 1939.

the Library is small but feels so warm and cosy. When I entrered the first thing I noticed was how well kept everything was.

There is no mistaking the design, it is Danish midcentury modern all the way. The bookcases and furniture was custom made for the building by Danish designer Hans J Wegner. (Here seen reading the newspaper at the Library in one of his own chairs.)

Even after 80 years the designs still seem beyond trends. Timeless classics adorning the rooms and original lamps showering the rooms in soft light.

Everything was originally designed especially for the Library, from newspaper racks to the font on the signage. Unfortunately the original ‘floating’ brass letter signage was not in use. I would have loved to see it, but timeless as the design is, the architects did not foresee the use of words like computer lab or fantasy and scifi.

Nyborg is a small town on Funen, the middle Island in Denmark. It is obvious after spending some time there that the staff knows the regulars by name. At 9 in the morning people slowly filtered in, nodding at everyone they met before grabbing a newspaper and a cup of coffee from the little free hot drink bar in the main room.

The Library has an open floorplan, no steps or stairs or blocked doors.

The childrens area is very cosy. The furniture in the room is more colorful but like anything new in the building still in keeping with the style of the rest of the building. It has lots of little nooks and prints of beloved childrens litterature characters line the wall.

The area around the Library is historical Nyborg. From the Library you ca see both old town gate as well as Nyborg Castle which dates back to 1200.

The Library it self is on a tiny island, making for really nice views of the water to all sides.

Leaving the library we strolled down the cosy pedestrian main street towards the train station.

If you visit Nyborg make sure you also try the traditional and delicious local pastry Brunsviger.

for more pictures and info visit the Library website https://www.nyborgbibliotek.dk


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