Unnaryd Public Library, Sweden – small town shared place between woods and lakes

Written by Library Planet editor Christian Lauersen, director of Libraries and Citizen Services in Roskilde Municipality, Denmark. For how to contribute to Library Planet look here: https://libraryplanetnet.wordpress.com/contribute/


Unnaryd is a small town located in Hylte Municipality in Sweden. Unnaryd has around 800 inhabitants and is a classy small Swedish town with wooden houses in red and yellow and extremely neat front yards. Unnaryd is in lake and forest country and it is nearly impossible to turn somewhere without seeing huge trees and amazing lakes. Unnaryd has a school, a church, a pizzeria and… a library.

Unnaryd Public Library is located in the center of the town just across from the church and the cemetery and is a very charming yellow wooden building. The library itself is basically a one-room library but you don’t get that impression because it’s the room turns around the center of the house.

When you enter the library you find the children’s library on your left hand. It’s a neat little classic children’s library with lots of books cover-out on display and small wooden furniture. Turning right you find a newspaper and magazine section with a cozy reading spots.




In the center of it all you find the librarians desk surrounded with the section of fiction and non-fiction. Unnaryd Public Library is not a huge library so only one library worker on duty at a time. A small section of literature in Arabic languages includes the Middle Eastern community of Unnaryd. All around the library small spaces are arranged for reading, chatting, or just hanging out.



Unnaryd is a small town and Unnaryd Public Library is a small library but even the smallest shared places serves a great influence and impact on a community and I was so thrilled to discover that a small rural community prioritize to have a library. Shared places like libraries means the world for people to connect, learn and grow and I’m positive that the library of Unnaryd is doing just that.





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