Sydhavnen Library Karensminde, Copenhagen, Denmark – the perfect calm setting for a read

Written by Library Planet editor Marie Eiriksson, library consultant, Denmark.

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A few weeks ago, on a rainy fall day, I visited my good friend Nicolas from Library School, who works in Copenhagen Public Libraries at Sydhavnen Library.

Sydhavnen Library has been in the historical Karensminde building since 1997. Before that the almost 200 year old building has had many different owners and purposes including serving as an insane asylum from 1880 to 1987.

From 1990 and til present day the building has undergone thorough renovations and now houses the Library, local radiostation, local archive, a local theatre company and a cafe as well as the administration for the Karensminde culture House.

At the time of my visit, several of the areas had just been newly decorated, and looked cosy and inviting with Danish Mid Century Modern classics and lots of green plants.

The childrens area is build on the outsider of the original building with huge panes of glass to the outside and the possibility to look info the rest of the library through the old Windows.

Most of the spaces are very flexible and everything heavy has weels.

The Walls of the library are decorated by local artist Jacoba who has made theese wonderful drawings of people from Sydhavnen.

The whole building is full of nice little spaces that draws you in. The warm colours and green plants seemed like just the right setting for dreaming away an afternoon with a good book.

The collaboration between the different organisations in the House means that there is an abundance of activities and concerts.

The small Library is very inviting and I ended up staying a while also enjoying a cup of coffee with Nicolas and his office fox.

Sydhavnen Library

Karensminde Culture House


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