Calgary public Library, Canada – a bright and dynamic space

Written by Hanna Marie Roseen

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After having a direct flight cancelled I had to be re-routed through the Calgary airport – with a 7 hour layover. After departing the plane from a ten hour flight, there was no way I was going to stay in the airport for that long. So I decided to visit the Calgary Central Library. It took one 40ish minute bus ride from the airport to get there (as well as a stop at Tim Horton’s). Even before entering the library I was thankful to make the trek; light wood, honey-comb patterned glass, and a beautiful set of stairs leading up to the entrance (as well as an elevator for those unable or reluctant to climb stairs). 

Entering the library, my eyes were immediately drawn upward to the ovaline center where light from a skylight shone through. This building is incredibly beautiful and bright.

On that first floor was an interactive display about wellness – the different kinds of wellness, with an opportunity to add what wellness means to you and how you maintain it. This display was supported by books related to the various kinds of wellness discussed.

It seemed to me this space was home to changing exhibits and displays and I wish I lived closer so I could see them change. Next time I pass through Calgary I will definitely make a stop in again. Seeing this library has motivated me to take a longer stay in this city to learn more about its history, art, and other culture.

On another floor there is space for artists in residence. While neither were there when I visited, you could peek into the studios and get a look at their work. The artists had personal connections to Calgary in some way and spoke to the issues and whatnot of the city. It is a great way of supporting artists and engaging with the community.

There is a section dedicated to the history of Calgary, with books and exhibits allowing people to learn as little or as much as they like about the city. While I did not linger here too long, it was a good place to learn more about the area. I suspect the exhibits and stories highlighted here change often, as this library offers such dynamic programming and displays.


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