Delft Library, Cape Flats, City of Cape Town, South Africa – The Library is where the heart is❤️

Written by Stine Sørensen

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Together with Auntie B, I was around Cape Flat Yesterday. The houses are close to each other and are built in everything from bricks to sand and metal. In the middle of Delft is the library – next to a large intersection with the hospital and the police station as nearest neighbors.

In front of the library there is a small playground and inside all seats are occupied. Reading, studying and waiting for access to the computers.

The shelves are filled with books – international and well-known titles. There is a friendly atmosphere in the library and at the children’s library we meet by this:

There is smiling and welcoming staff behind the counters and signs in Afrikaans and English. Once again, I am surprised by the linguistic proximity between Danish / Dutch and Afrikaans.

In the very poorest areas we met google school stands and it was great to find that everyone is given access to learning.


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