Vejen public Library, Denmark – a toy Library and a roof garden

Written by Library Planet editor Marie Eiriksson, library consultant, Denmark.

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Vejen Public Library is a newly built Danish Library and the main Library of the municipality of Vejen, Jutland. The municipality has three other locations. The new main Library opened in october 2019.

Arriving by train I could see the Library from the station and wasted no time getting inside.

Even with the weather being very “Winter in Denmark”, my first impression was that the whole building was very light. Huge window panes let in the day light a gave me a feeling of connection with the surroundings.

When entering what I noticed first was the very cute childrens Library and the yummy smell of cinnamon buns from the Library Cafe.

The childrens library just invited playing. A little river with a bridge, a troll cave, a ship and an adorable play kitchen took up most of the space.

Next to was a small area with tablets and a room with a long table and little kitchen that kindergartens and preschools can use to eat lunch or get a snack while visiting the Library.

Another cool feature was the play library “legetek” where you can check out games, puzzles and toys.

After talking with the staff, I found out that it is also possible to check out weighted comforters and different therapy toys as a way for families to try it out before investing in it themselves.

Connection the two floors is a beautiful stair way. It is also used as seating for childrens events.

Fortunately you can also use a lift to get to the first floor, though I did have kind of a hard time finding it.

With out a doubt, my favorite thing on the first floor was the roof garden. It might not get a lot of use this time og year, but in summer it will be a perfect quiet place with a view of the Library and the sky.

The first floor offered a combination of long open lines and little private hiding spaces. The garden let light in to the middle of the library.

My tour guide told me that it was a rare slow monday, but there were still lots of little groups of students scattered all over the library.

Being a brand new Library they were still missing a few details, so I look forward to going back and see how it changes over time.


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