Media Centre of Alte Kanti Aarau – the school library of Einstein

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You may never have heard of Aarau, but you surely know who Albert Einstein is


From 1895-1896 Albert Einstein was a student at Alte Kanti Aarau, at that time the only grammar school in the Swiss canton of Aargau. At that time,there was obviously no such thing as a media centre the way we know it today.

At Alte Kanti Aarau, students are prepared not only for their university studies, but also for a successful start into the field they’ll choose to work in. It is the oldest secular public high school in Switzerland and has produced more than one Nobel prize winner.


The buildings on the campus are named after some of the most famous students who pursued their studies at Alte Kanti Aarau. The main complex honours Albert Einstein; the Media Center, the canteen and the creative design classes are located in the Frank Wedekind building. Wedekind, a German dramatist, attended Alte Kanti Aarau as well.


The building was renovated and enlarged 2008 by Schneider & Schneider. Today it is one of the most frequented spots on the campus, surrounded by a historical park.

The  Media Centre also hosts the library of ksb, the Cantonal School for Vocational Education. Our well-equipped media centre provides access to physical and digital knowledge and also includes, of course, a fine collection of books and digital resources about Albert Einstein.

But it offers by far more than this. There are spots to study, to rest, to socialise, to finalise papers, to sleep, to dream…


Some of these dreams might become true with the technical gadgets the students can borrow to pursue their studies. Or they will come in handy for private projects.

The Media Centre is open to everyone for a visit, but media and equipment can only be lent to students and teachers.


Nevertheless, your visit will be both worthwhile and appreciated. Equal to any other library, it stands for knowledge, inviting individuals to stay, discover and share what they are interested in and passionate about.


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