Hyphen Library Gallery, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia

A Library Planet post from Wodonga Council.

Opened in August 2021, Wodonga’s new library-gallery had more than 90,000 visits in its first 12 months.

The name ‘Hyphen’ reflects the building’s twin purposes of art and literature. It also refers to the building’s amazing architecture and dash-like shape – the signature cantilever over the main entrance.

The two-storey building features three main galleries – Artspace Gallery, Playspace Gallery and Community Gallery – as well as a Hallway Gallery.

The gallery spaces launched the Hyphen program with a captivating and intriguing offering.

The Artspace Gallery featured Nyanda, a collection of artworks from four contemporary Aboriginal women exploring their personal stories about place.

Nyanda means ‘many’ in the local Dhudhuroa language. Bethany Thornber, Treahna Hamm, Tegan Murdock and Patricia Cerminara shared narratives of past, present and future in this celebration of First Nations peoples.

The Community Gallery has highlighted local history with the Picturing the Past exhibition, featuring artefacts and photographs from the Wodonga Historical Society collection, followed by an exhibition of Thingamabobs and Whatchamacallits.

In the first year, the galleries have featured themes of nature, mechanics, colour and even LEGO.

Hyphen also hosts a full library service, and has added more than 2600 new members since it opened.

The library’s spaces include three meeting rooms; the Community Studio overlooking the courtyard (suitable for workshops, meetings and presentations); the Tech Studio and Sound Studio; and a Sculpture Terrace.

Find out more about Hyphen at hyphenwodonga.com.au


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