Malmö City Library – a mystical and magical place for kids

Written by Karen Myhre, development consultant at Gentofte Libraries. For how to contribute to Library Planet look here:

Malmö  City Library is really worth a visit. It is spacious and modern and has a wonderful atmosphere. When you arrive, you notices how the library consist of an older section and a section that was added much later drawn by the famous Danish architect Henning Larsen. In this article I will give you some insights on the three (yes three separate sections!) departments for children and young adults.

Welcome to Kanini



Kanini opened in 2016 and its interior and representation of the collection is developed in corporation with children age 5-7. It clearly shows how involvement of the users really does make a huge difference. How wonderful to visit a library where you can see the childrens perspective in every room.

Welcome to the forrest

The collection in “the forest” is quite uniqe – the shelfes is forms as trees and the clasification is developed in corporation with children which means that the traditional classification system is not in use.


Through the forest you can reach the other areas of the library. The creative space where there are new projects every week to engage in as a family. If you are more adventurous the place to go to is “skuggan” – the shadow. Here you can climb, hang out on your own and indulge in all the marvelous stories.


Where is the toy?

Coming from Denmark – it is quite a surprice that the childrens department have no toys – you can create your own world in these tableaus or you can embark a literary experience though the books or maybe a “sago stund” – storytelling in sago-rummat


Have fun in Balagan!

Balagan is located on the first floor in the new part of the library for the age group 9-13. When you enter Balagan you notice that this is a place for kids on their own – you can use the Playstation, you can be creative or you can have a jam-session in the middle of the library.

Books are everywhere and as the librarian mentions – we have a lot more in the basement.



Create in Krudt

Krudt is the newest department. It aimes toward the age group 14-25. It is a wonderfull space where you can record your own podcast, do writers workshops and debate at the lounge environment.


What else? Oh yes, Malmö State Library is a certified LGBTQ library and you will find rainbow shelves in all departments of the library.



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