The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library – the piano is always in tune

Written by Victoria Turner

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The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library is a non-profit membership library located in La Jolla, a community of San Diego, California. It was incorporated as the Library Association of La Jolla in 1899. It has a rich history, closely entwined with the history of the La Jolla community.

In addition to great books, they sponsor Art Classes, a Jazz series in the rotunda, fundraiser parties (Food and champagne in the library?!!! Who knew!!) Quirky and cool exhibits, and peculiar collections:  I particularly love their subscription to a unique magazine about making paper!  A WHOLE  QUARTELY MAGAZINE about making paper!  SO COOL!

Once a year they have a truly extraordinary book sale, curated from the donations made by the upscale residents of our local LJ community.  Got to be seen to be believed! The piano in the rotunda is always in tune, available for impromptu (ask the librarian first!) tinkling of the keys. Many a great pianist has slipped in there for a quick etude.

It’s free to the public to walk around inside, read the books, etc, but you must become a paid member to check anything about, and most of the various exhibits, music and art events do have a nominal charge, but so worth it!  Lots of fabulous restaurants (all price ranges) within the block, dozens more within 3 or 4  blocks! Check out their website for events and hours.


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