National Library of Costa Rica – a special collection for everything

Written by Jan Erik Hansen, Denmark

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La Biblioteca Nacional “Miguel Obregón Lizano” is the national library of Costa Rica located in San Jose. It is tasked with curating the cultural heritage of Costa Rica and maintains three copies of every book ever published in the country in addition to other works. The library contains study areas and a reference desk but is not a public lending library.

Welcome on the front page

They have a large Conservación y Restauración Department where they are preserving old books and other printed materials.

They have special collections for everything – Costa Rican authors, first editions, history, music – basically anything produced in Costa Rica.  It is not possible check items out from the closed collections as they are more for study and research, but you can listen to music and use items under supervision.

A collection for everything

In the national library database, SINABI (Sistema National de Bibliotecas) they are registrating everything. Journals and newspapers from about 1981 and forward, as well as all books from 1996 forward, are findable in the catalog.

crnatbib6The entrance at Biblioteca Nacional “Miguel Obregón Lizano”


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