The Grand Tangier Library – an architechtural landmark in Morocco

Written by Mohamed Bourah

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You will  love this library when you look at its shape the Grand Tangier Library looks like huge books posed one over the other.

I think it is the right moment to unveil the wonder of this big multimedia public library in the north metropolitan city :Tangier,  in Morocco.

It’s a huge architechtural landmark city library, with large spaces on its two floors, not only reading spaces but also an amphitheatre of 300 hundred places.

We can say also it has a special collections with almost 3000 numerical titles thanks to the special service given to users by annual numeric platform abonnement.

When you get in and look, touch and use its modern designed furniture’s, you will love it more.

Among its cool sevices, there is a great cafe reserved to both readers and visitors, also there is a great room with Moroccan designed furniture to welcome host persons in it.

There are many services in the neighborhood that you can visit, such as universities,  the supermarkets and many other city establishments.

That is what I want to share with the rest of you at Library Planet. I hope you enjoy it.


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