Tingbjerg Library, Copenhagen Denmark – a wooden slice of heaven

Written by Library Planet editor Marie Eiriksson, library consultant at Gladsaxe Public Libraries, Denmark.

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I had the wonderful oppotunity to visit this new and very cool library with my team this week.

The library in Tingbjerg is part of the Copenhagen library system, situated in a very culturally diverse area right on the edge of the municipality of Copenhagen.

The beautiful new building was opened in 2018 and is built next to the local school with direct passage between the two buildings. The library serves as both public library and school library.

One side of the building is almost entirely glass, this makes all levels of the building light and bright.

The tall narrow building is open between all three levels but wood panelling throughout the building effectively swallows most sound creating a comfortable mumbly athmosphere.

Through out the building little nooks and crannys invites you to sit and work, read or talk.

Except in the quiet zones marked with signs.

The library has the most amazing smell og new wood and a cute little reading area with ‘shoe parking’ outside it.

For the youngest kids there is a play area with a view.

Beyond standard library services, the library has the most of one floor dedicated to making. Sewing, crafting, building and recykling. A member of the staff told about a fashion show by a group of women from different cultural backgrounds displaying different traditional types of craft. Tunesian crochet and afghan quilting amongst them. Super cool!

Just being in the building was comfortable. It feels inviting and just nice.

All the staff we met were smiling and welcoming and kids were scattered thoughout the building reading and just hanging out.

If you go to the library outside of the staffed hours, Its possible to video chat with staff at Copenhagen main library and get help.

There is space for a café, but unfortunately it was not running right now. This was a shame and as far as I could see there was not a lot of other options for a snack or coffee near by.

A bus to the center of Copenhagen (line 2a) stops very near the library.

Oh…. and on a sunny day, you can’t beat the view!



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