Book and Blanket, Sopot Health Resort library Poland – relaxing is not the only thing we provide

Written by Roman Wojciechowski, Ewa Lewandowska, Marcin Wiktor

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An unique branch near the Sopot Health Resort with beach-colored blankets and febuoys hanging on the shelves. With its beautiful, minimalistic design kept in beach-like colors, warm wicker furniture it invites you to rest and relax.

A real boat filled with soft cushions welcomes you in the children’s area, providing the well-needed relax when your child enjoys colorful books and toys.

Beach and Blanket teems with life, filled with a crowd of people who visit us to read books and newspapers in the shade of the beach umbrella, or to simply relax hidden from the crowded streets of Lower gr Sopot.

But relaxing is not the only thing we can provide – our library is one of the most active cultural point on the map of district.

Blanket and Book is a meeting place for authors, vernissages, workshops for young and old, and dozens of other activities. This place integrates the local community with its activity and unique climate.

It surely is, just as regulars use to say – life here slows down for a moment.


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