Dr. Hipólito González Library, Argentina – a meeting place at the Faculty

Written by Fernando Díaz Pacífico, Academic Librarian and Interim Director

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The Dr. Hipólito González Library is located in Rosario, a large city with more than one million inhabitants in one of the most fertile lands in the world: the prairies known as Pampa Húmeda. Located in the province of Santa Fe, on the Paraná River coast, Rosario is a vibrant, commercial, industrial and cultural city. The library is placed on the main building of the Faculty of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, which is part of the most important university in the region: the National University of Rosario.

The library was founded in the 1970s, and has the name of the professor who promoted its creation, Dr. Hipólito González. We are a public and university library. Although the Faculty has some small libraries administered by the professors themselves, the Dr. Hipólito González Library is the largest, with a collection that exceeds 9,000 volumes. It is “public”, because all people can visit it without restriction, with the only condition of respecting the rules of coexistence. It is “universitarian”, because the collection and services are aimed at students, professors and researchers of the Faculty. We try to provide quality library services and offer both a collection of printed and electronic resources. We are also fans of Open Access and promote the institutional Repository. We have a collection of recreational reading called ColecciónIsaac Asimov, because we are convinced that reading for pleasure can help our students improving their academic performance. All our services are completely free, we do not charge membership or fines.

The main collection includes reference materials and textbooks specialized in chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, food science and pharmacology. The reading room is also used for library instruction and workshops, being a meeting place and study. The library is filled with young students who spend long hours with us. Many can be seen studying with their inseparable companion: “el mate”. Typical infusion of Argentina, prepared with Yerba Mate (Ilex Paraguariensis) leaves and served in a container also called “mate”. The “mate” is also popular in Paraguay and Uruguay, neighboring countries. To drink mate we use a bombilla,  through which the infusion is sipped (like a straw to drink).

Reading Room

In addition to our faculty, near the library, there are also faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing, constituting the neighborhood in a true center of academic thought in the city.  We are also close to the “Mariano Moreno” bus station, and the historic district of Pichincha, with its vibrant nightlife full of pubs, restaurants and bars. During the first half of the twentieth century, Pichincha was a popular neighborhood, famous for brothels and ruffianism, especially by the mafia known as the Zwi Migdal. Because of this, at that time our city was known as the Chicago of Argentina. But today, Pichincha  is a  secure and popular area among young people and tourist. Also, near the library is the Mercado del Patio, a market with cafes, bakeries, and natural products with beautiful facilities to spend a pleasant moment with friends.

If you visit Rosario, do not forget to enjoy the majestic river, the big parks and get to know the Flag Monument with its tower and glorious sculptures by Lola Mora. We hope you stop by our library to get information, you’ll be very welcome :).


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  1. Congratulations….to read, to grow and to share reading…..!!!!


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