Bromölla library, Sweden – a place for everyone to meet, read and hang out

Written by Emilia Emilsson. Turism- and lesiure consultant

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Kulturpunkten in Bromölla is centrally located in the municipality of Bromölla in Southern Sweden.

Inside Kulturpunkten you find the public library, lectures, exhibitions, book cafés, creative activities for children such as theatre and art work and much more. Great focus is on activities connected to books, reading, education and culture. It is a place for everyone to meet, read and hang out. The goal is that every citizen and visitor should feel at home!

The house itself is built in the late 1980s and still looks the same. but the inside is gradually being transformed to suit modern times and needs.

The staff are multi-functional: both librarians, tourist office workers, consumer guides, ticket sellers and much more, ask them anything and tey’ll probably know the answer!

There’s a café close by but you can buy coffee in a machine at the library if you wish to stay longer. Just a stone’s throw away you’ll find Ifö Center and its Outdoor Gallery with mural paintings as big as house walls made by famous artists and artisans like ROA, D.Brains, Carolina Falkholt and Milu Correch.

At the railway station in Bromölla YouCam find a little free book exchange. In an old telephone booth that now offers easily accessible books to travelers. Here you can easily borrow a book around the clock.

One meter away you are welcomed by The House of the Sea Dragons – an exhibition showing some of the quantities of fossils that has been found in Bromölla. Here you can learn a little more about the marine reptiles – sea dragons, dinosaurs, sharks and many other animals that lived at that time! Welcome!


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