Frances Kelsey Secondary School Library, Mill Bay, Canada – We love literacy and our space!

Written by Alana Baker

Teacher Librarian/Media Coordinator/Yearbook Advisor

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Frances Kelsey Secondary School Library, located on Vancouver Island, Mill Bay, British Columbia, Canada, is a beautiful Library Learning Commons which serves approximately 1000 high school students in grades 8 to 12.

It is a spacious welcoming environment full of natural light and calming plants.

Glass doors by the school’s front entry entice visitors to see what’s happening today in the library.

The huge school sports fields and surrounding forest give a natural green hue to the view from the many large windows that emphasize the soothing natural light.

There are quiet corners for reading, large group work areas, 20 computer stations for research and typing, and of course, books of all genres.

Exciting new purchases are displayed with easy access, a monthly theme is presented along with relevant book choices, and new book suggestions are always welcome.

A variety of seating styles will suit everyone, whether they prefer a wheeled office chair, a rocking or stationary standard chair, or a soft cushioned arm chair for cozy reading comfort. We love literacy and our space!


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