Kailua – Kona Public Library, Kona Hawaii – ukuleles and information Ninjas

Written by Library Planet editor Marie Eiriksson, library consultant at Gladsaxe Public Libraries, Denmark.

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in april I had the very good fortune to be visiting friends just outside Kona, Hawaii. And of course I visited the library there.

Kailua-Kona library is the second largest library on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The libraries of Hawaii are all part of the same library system. If you get a library card for one library, you can check books in and out in either branch. Even if you go island hopping. So yay for not having to carry a lot of books around on your vacation.

As a tourist you can get a temporary card (3 months) for 10 dollars!

I was lucky enough to meet the manager and she told me about the library.

The library was opened on the 29th of february and celebrate Its birthday every four years. Which makes it 7 years old.

One of the cool features she told me about was the seed library. As a way of encouraging gardening and crop growth. Members of the seed library can take out seeds, plant them and after they harvest the plants they will bring back new seeds for other people to take out.

Another cool thing was that the staff had made versions of the iconic ALA readposters starring themselves!

I ran of to the library while the family was hanging out at the pool, so I didn’t have my usual childrens library test focus group with me. So I had to test it myself.

The childrens librarian Ms. Jen was very welcoming an told me about the different programmes.

Recommendations for good books and childrens artwork were everywhere and it felt so homey and cosy.

I loved this ‘Information Ninja’ campaign, instucting kids in how to find and asses information online.

I Really enjoyed visiting the library. The staff was welcoming and very nice. There was very diverse programming and and a homey atmosphere.

If you are staying in Kona i recommend the market just next to the library parking lot with an array of local produce, crafts and souvenirs.

King Kamehameha beach is a short walk from the library and has a lot of water activities like snorkling, surfing, sailing and submarine rides. Equipment and tours can be booked in many of the hotels and offices along the beach front.



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