PocketBooks on top of Wine Hill: The Glass Trap Mediateka Library, Poland

Written by Roman Wojciechowski

The Media Library in Zielona Góra, Poland, are established on May 17, 2012, and at the same time function as branch of the Provincial and Municipal Public Library of Cyprian Norwid in Zielona Górait. It was placed in the Palm House building located on the top of the Wine Hill. Wine Hill includes a vineyard and a meeting and relaxation place for the inhabitants of the city. 

The atmosphere of the media library is undoubtedly created by the vicinity of the Palm House and the location on a hill where grapevines are still grown.

The media library is decorated in green and orange colors. It consists of a games zone that includes two Play Station consoles: Sony PS 3 and Sony PS 4 Move; a music and film zone equipped with a Blue Ray player and a CD player with a receiver. The climate also creates the possibility of showing films on the spot. The library collections include book collections, console games, a large collection of audiobooks, DVDs and board games.

The Glass Trap aims to promote what is most attractive to young people: their music, hobbies, passions and interests. Above all, however, it is a friendly place for all users. One of the ideas is to promote youth subcultures, primarily in terms of music, by creating a place that integrates the local community. 

At the moment, a board game center is being built as part of the media library and works on the logo lifting are being implemented.

Such services, apart from a place integrating the local community, are also a permanent cycle in which readers can meet local artists as well as creators of the so-called Regional literature.

An important novelty is the introduction of a new service for readers, i.e. the possibility of borrowing PocketBook readers. The Glass Trap has 13 devices such as PocketBook Color, PocketBook HD 3 and PocketBook InkPad3. Access codes to Legimi electronic platforms are added to the cryptocurrency. Readers can meet local artists as well as creators of the regionals litterature.

At The Trap Glass you can come to rest, take advantage of the harvest, develop your passions. The ecological feature of the Glass Trap is very important due to its location. Palm trees, date trees and grapevines surrounds the library. It opens up more widely to artists from Zielona Góra who deal with music, film, photography, theater and dance, who would like to make their work available to a wider group. The Glass Trap Mediateka is a place for meetings, workshops, discussions about culture and ecology: music, film, photography; but also a place for fun, tournaments in computer and board games. It is a place for everyone who can spend time actively listening to music, watching movies, playing and participating in workshops, concerts, openings, courses and games related to new media.


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